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It is the only open-air museum of the plant in Russia, on the site of the old Demidov ironworks in Nizhny Tagil. According to the decision of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, in 1987, when there stopped the old blast furnace shop, it was established factory- museum of history of mining equipment.
The first iron was smelted here December 25, 1725. This plant was one of the largest enterprises of the Demidov and performed a complete technological cycle of production of the metal. Here prepared for smelting iron ore, burned charcoal used as a fuel, smelted iron, copper and iron. The company operated repair and maintenance services, working sawmill and brick factories.
The metal was smelted in a blast furnace. Its shape resembles an inverted bottle. Here, the temperature can reach up to two thousand degrees. The top layer - slag - was removed, the metal poured into containers. Blast furnaces of the earliest built in the plant remains. Its walls quickly burn out, the oven had to be repaired frequently. This blast furnace sample 1955.
Another pride of the museum - the dam. She was nearly three hundred years, but it is still in working condition. Every spring there are opening the floodgates to lose water. The walls of the dam especially strong, they used rubble masonry. The main frame of the dam - larch wood, bathed in mud, stone and granite exterior.
Currently, the 25 acres of exhibition space in the open air is presented 300 year history of the development of metallurgy in the Urals Demidov from the breeders to the Soviet era. Factory Museum is a unique monument of federal significance. In its creation took part specialists NTMK. Steelmakers have developed the first workshop of transformation projects in museum exhibitions, preparing for exhibitions, participated in archaeological research.

Nizhny Tagil is famous for the unique monument of the steel industry ironworks breeders Demidov, which was established in 1725. It was the largest factory of a full cycle of burning charcoal to the metal filling into containers. For the smooth operation of the plant and household maintenance services, sawmill and brick factories were established.
Blast furnace plant in the XVIII century. They were the best in the world and superior blast furnaces in Europe. Blast furnaces of the earliest built in the plant remains. Have survived two blast furnaces built in 1930. In 1957, the Nizhny Tagil factory was included in the NTMK. Upon the final blast furnace plant in 1987, factory- museum of history of mining technology was created - a monument of federal importance, an open-air museum, which allows us to understand and present the process of iron smelting, iron and copper, and preserved the unique construction as Demidov time, so and later the Soviet era. The attention of visitors attracted to the blast furnace, similar to the shape of an inverted bottle, water turbine and an overhead crane, as well as other exhibits.
The pride of the museum is the dam, which is about 300 years old, but it is in working condition. This dam mainly consists of larch wood, filled with clay, impervious to rot, rubble, stone and granite exterior, which gives it a special strength.
Factory Museum is not only the only one in Russia, but also one of the few such in the world. He enjoys the interest of not only Russians, but also foreigners.

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