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In the Urals, crafts began to develop rapidly with the emergence of the first settlements in the factory, more than three centuries ago. Our region has long attracted people light on the rise. The people arrived from different regions of Russia, bringing their traditions, their way of life and mastery. It formed a creative environment, which has contributed to, the revival of national talents. Ural crafts have always been originality, identity and based on natural bagatstv. Stone-cutting, jewelry crafts, various types of metal processing and wood, a clear confirmation. Products Tagil artists are original and recognizable, they decorate the Collections of the best museums in the world. From Ural stones make boxes, writing sets, souvenirs, they are used for furniture and interiors. But not only is famous for its stone-cutting art of Nizhny Tagil: lacquer painting on metal, art casting, burachny fishing, as well attract the attention of connoisseurs of folk art.
B1 the second half of the XVIII century in Russia there were painted lacquer trays as fashion home furnishings. Providence originated in the Urals, where steel mills were located Demidov. Nikita Demidov bought the party calender presses, which are made on sheet metal, remnants of his masters made trays. To trays enjoyed success, they began to paint floral patterns. In Nizhny Tagil grow dynasties masters. Workshops were known Perezolovyh, Dubasnikovyh, Golovanov ... But best of masters considered Khudoyarov Andrey Stepanovich, who is credited with the invention of the famous "Crystal" varnish, which has unique properties that preserves the presentation trays for a very long time. The secret of its manufacture, unfortunately, lost.
In 1806, Demidov opened an art school, which invited the best artists, contributed to the further flourishing fishery. Works like the old masters and modern known in many museums around the world.
An abundance of precious stones has caused the development of stone-cutting craft. Tradition it was laid in the 18th century and is still going on. Masters used malachite, jasper, serpentine, emphasize the beauty of the stone in his works. Works of masters original, so are in great demand not only in Russia but also abroad.
From the stone-cutters are not lagging behind and metallurgists, they show the beauty of metal through art castings. Wizards cast as miniature figures and large compositions - furniture, fences, stairs. If you now go through Nizhny Tagil and look at the "cast-iron fence pattern," you can meet a lot of samples of ancient art casting.
Forests growing around Tagil, also did not remain without attention and initiated masters burachnomu fishing, wood carving, manufacture of wicker furniture and original architecture. Handicrafts have survived different periods, there were difficult times when they are extinguished, but enthusiasts, experts in their field have preserved the tradition and now pass the baton to their skills to the younger generation, reviving folk art.

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