Nizhny Tagil is a city in worker's overalls

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Nizhny Tagil

Few in Russian cities such as Nizhny Tagil. It was founded in 1722, the year. In his almost trёhsotletney glorious history there have been many significant events, fertile land raised its abundance of talent. Its activity has beneficial effect on the development of the economy, technological progress, culture, the fate of the Ural and Siberian regions.

 In the words of the poet Sergey Zyryanov Tagil, "it is not created for the life of the carnival. From this day to the future times he workaholic - Tagil suffering. " Nizhny Tagil - a multilevel metallurgical combine with flow-conveyor production organization; Scientific Production Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" OAO "Uralchimplast", JSC "Plant of metal constructions", JSC "Chemical Plant" Planta ", and other enterprises, which gave it the name" City in working overalls. " Cause and achieve it - a good example of that history is made not only in the center of the country, but also away from it. On the city today rightly say many good words. Natural magnetism is enhanced not only his great potential, but also artistic, historical and cultural identity, the wonderful works of skilled craftsmen, whom nature has given the harsh Ural genetic sense of spiritual self-expression, creativity and a thirst for the pursuit of beauty.

 Nizhny Tagil is always with us buildings; historic sites; quiet streets, more storing flavor of old time; openwork carving of wooden houses; night run Tagil River where it falls from the ledge of the dam; Lenin Avenue, starting with the "old factory" (now the Museum of the plant) and going to the industrial zone; Cherepanov monument; became a symbol of Nizhny Tagil Fox Hill.

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