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Nizhny Tagil proud, and always with admiration will call the names of the first entrepreneurs and Nikita Demidov Akinfy, which ushered in the "Iron capital of the Urals", created in the Urals powerful mining empire.
Iron brand "Old Sable" has left itself not only a good memory, but also marked the beginning of the high quality work Tagil metallurgists. This is the second half of HU111 century conquered most promising and surround the European market - the UK. Our main competitors are the Swedes, though without enthusiasm, but nevertheless recognized the high quality of products Tagil. In 1787, one of the leading figures of the "Iron office" (Union of Metallurgists Sweden) Solomon background Stokkestrom recorded his impressions of the incoming from St. Petersburg iron: Russian masters "have full knowledge of receptions bloomery work", and bar iron "forged" in the highest degree thoroughly "connected hardware" as a rule, direct and subtle, with equal ends "bridge metal" in the highest degree of thin, perfectly smooth and free from blemishes, smooth and glossy. " Proof Tagil metal quality and credibility have been its desire to forge. For example, Austrian and British breeders deceived wholesale pokupteley, "forging a brand, which is put on after the first Russian iron otkovki".
The landscaped Europe knew how to make metal, but to achieve plasticity, flexibility Ural metal that allows you to take from it the original products, they could not.
Nizhny Tagil factories were indispensable participants of the All-Russia (since 1829) and the world (since 1851) of industrial exhibitions, confirmed Tagil right to be called "the iron capital of the Middle Urals." Original and varied products to conquer numerous awards. Tagil plants received gold medals at the first Russian exhibition in St. Petersburg in 1829, the second World Exhibition in London in 1862, the Paris Exposition in 1867 and the highest award of the Grand Prix at the exhibition in Paris in 1871. The first public exhibition of manufactured products in St. Petersburg (1829) heirs Demidov factories were awarded a gold medal for high quality products.
At the World Exhibition in London Tagil plants received three medals of the second degree (exhibited samples of magnetic iron ore, pig iron, iron stripe, round, flat, puddle steel tomlёnaya, native copper, gold, and platinum-sand). A real discovery for Europeans has become a magnificent collection of malachite (malachite door, vase, fireplace, round and rectangular tables, chairs, a paperweight in the form of a book from a single malachite. A presented factory Demidov malachite office was recognized as the most "memorable and unusual phenomenon in the history of . industry "was represented by" zest "- an artistic bronze casting F.F.Zvezdina.
High reward national exhibitions had permission to portray on the national emblem of products in the form of a two-headed eagle. For the first time such a right Nizhny Tagil plants received in 1870.
At the first World's Fair in the Americas in 1876 in Philadelphia Tagil products received the highest bronze medal. In 1878 in Paris Tagil plants exposed famous knots tied in the cold; cubes of iron in the form of bottles and iron samovar, for which they were awarded the highest award - Grand Prix, a diploma and a gold medal.
But the best reward was the admiration of contemporaries. The newspaper "St. Petersburg Gazette" proudly reported: "Looking at the diversity exhibited by Messrs Demidovs materials and products, we can not be surprised abundance of Russian land and Russian smartest man who knows how to use her gifts."
Not only ore wealth marked by awards at exhibitions, but they themselves tagilchane. On the Siberian-Ural exhibition district doctor PV Kuznetsk was awarded a large medal, handicraft M.P.Kopylovu awarded a small silver medal for the beetroot dressing, artisans Perezolov, Kokushkin, Tokarev, Volchёnkov were awarded bronze medals of the Ministry of Finance.
Fond memories in the history of the industry Tagil left-taught masters and engineers Kuznetsov F.I.Shvetsov, S.E goatherds, EA and M.E.Cherepanovy, PP Mokeev, et al. Are described in the section of our site "Persons. From A to Z".
World famous Mednorudyanskoe deposit received from the large number of mined here malachite, which is widely used in the decoration of the Winter Palace, St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg. Products from him in great demand in France, Italy and England. Tagil copper, as well as all Tagilskoye was high quality, occupied an important place in the economy of the mining village of Nizhny Tagil. From high-quality copper Tagil (96 tons), cast the Statue of Liberty in the United States.
Tagilskoye gold. In the Diamond Fund of the Russian Federation is currently on display the most outstanding collection in the world of the twenty gold nuggets. Among them, most Tagil (Ural giant weighing 7860.5 grams, "Demidov" -.. 4313.9 g and very remarkable, weathered, weighing 4760.4 g, called "razvilashkoy" and its modern name - "Jaws" is not. remained the largest ever found on earth nuggets weighing 9625.6 g., found in 1943.
The most notable of appearing in the second half of the twentieth century, the complex technology called "vanadium redistribution". This outstanding and so far unsurpassed performance scientific and technical achievement Tagil metallurgists (th 1960). 1968 - the birth of a continuous casting machine of steel. During these years, we developed technology, low alloy steels, rolling economic profiles (group of developers of this technology has been awarded the diploma of the first degree ENEA).
In 1959, at the Uralvagonzavod introduced in car building spot welding (in 1960 team of authors of spot welding line awarded Diploma VDNH).
Far beyond the borders of Russia and used today is in great demand Tagil Tray, he arose, (formerly known Zhostovo) more than 260 years ago and differs from it basic, metallic base, original ornaments, painted story. Master painter, founder of the dynasty Tagil artists, the owner a special workshop for the manufacture of hand-painted iron products Khudoyarov Andrey Stepanovich (1722-1804 gg.), Who owned the secrets of painting, passed his skills to his sons Fedor Vavilov. In 1830-1840-ies bloom beautiful and laminating in the mining and metallurgical crafts village. In 1806 an art school for children of serfs was opened, in which the teacher taught with academic education. Tagil Tray painted with the story take its rightful place in the exhibition halls of the Hermitage.
The most famous of the famous "tagilchan" - is, of course, the T-34, "tridtsatichetvёrka." - The most famous tanks of World War II. No, our city is not the birthplace of this war machine. Firstborn Russian tank building, came out of the gate of the plant "Red Sormovo" could just 8.5 kilometers at a speed ironed ruins of the house and to overcome half-meter wall. First Sormovo, the first Russian tank (copy) set on the square in front of the plant. And next to him on a pedestal in the other tank - the T-34, one of the first global peaks, combined domestic tank building. More than 12 thousand "tridtsatichetvёrok" released during the war Sormovich and was second after the Nizhny Tagil. Tanks T-34 produced during the war more than 50 - thousand. Ural tank factory number 183 from December 1941 to June 1945 gave the Red Army 25903 T-34, r. E., More than half of machines of this type. On the legendary car says a lot. Still better than say about this car D.Orzhill English writer did not say: "He (T-34) was the brainchild not sudden influx and sober sanity. His birth, he was obliged to the people who were able to see the field of mid-twentieth century, the battle is better than could do someone else in the West. " By the way, many of these people have lived or are living, worked and created in Nizhny Tagil. They continue the tradition of making the best of armor samples, unique, unrepeatable.
In addition to the monuments of the famous "tridtsatichetvёrke" Tagil tank builders recently unveiled a monument-memorial its "younger brother" - the T-72, which owns more than a dozen records. Everything in it organically, all talented. Life T-72 (the tanks live fewer people) was remarkably similar to the human, full of conflicts and dramatic. And how many people, the right to life of the tank had to prove repeatedly. I am experiencing it in all climate zones: in severe frosts Dauria, under the scorching sun of the Karakum desert, the rain Belarus, on chernozems of Ukraine, the Caucasus mountain roads. For seven decades, tanks of different modifications, including T? 2 (the most massive tank of the twentieth century) have become part of the history of Nizhny Tagil, Russia's industrial culture. And now we are surprised T-90c - "flying tank". Serial production of the T-90 began in 1993, only domestic materials and components used for their manufacture. The credit for the creation of the T-90 and T-90c belongs only Uralvagonzavod. Today, the glorious staff finished work on the best modern machines called "Armata". In December 2016 Tagilskoye tank building will celebrate its 75th anniversary.
In the last 15 years actively involved in Nizhny Tagil exhibition activity. Pride became tagilchan State Demonstration & Exhibition Center, which has no equal in the world-scale demonstration of the combat capabilities of different types of weapons and military equipment. In Nizhny Tagil already held ten exhibitions of weapons, five exhibition "Defense and Protection" and three of the exhibition of railway transport. In 2017 X1 will take place "Russian Expo Arms" in early September.
In May 1942, in the car assembly shop Uralvagozavoda aircraft factory number 381 was assembled first Soviet supersonic fighter BI-1 design and V.Ya.Bereznyaka A.M.Isaeva with expander D-1-A-1100. May 15 was tested captain G.Ya.Bahchivandzhi in Sverdlovsk.
In 1942 the first production line for processing of tank parts formed in the machining shop Uralvagonzavod, which gave rise to the organization of in-line production of tanks. 150 production lines for the manufacture of armored units and parts has been organized by the end of the war. The world's first continuous-conveyor assembly of tanks was introduced in Nizhny Tagil.
October 1, 1954 at the Uralvagonzavod design bureau was created cryogenic engineering.
October 4, 1957 Uralvagonzavod filled with liquid components of a rocket to send into orbit the first artificial Earth satellite, for which the chief designer was awarded the Lenin Prize for cryogenics M.I.Veremevu.
In 1961, SKB-250 UVZ were created funds refilling liquid oxygen carrier rocket "Vostok" with the world's first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on board. In 1967 he set up the storage system, hypothermia and filling of liquid oxygen unit for space-rocket complex "Proton", which provided all the launch of interplanetary probes.
May 27, 1976 500 thousandth car released by Uralvagonzavod.
In June and October 1984 at ENEA exhibited exhibition "Uralvagonzavod" - the leading enterprise engineering ", where were presented the achievements of the team in the technical and social development. At the end of the exhibition staff association awarded 400 medals of ENEA.
In 1993, the "Uralvagonzavod" recorded in the Guinness Book as "the largest industrial enterprise in the world", production buildings which cover an area of ​​827,000 square meters.
In 1988, the production of cryogenic UVZ created for the first Soviet space complex reusable "Energia-Buran" system of charging and power supply.
In December 2011, at the International Congress of Technology domain manufacture "Evraz NTMK" is recognized as one of the best world.

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